Screen Printing Services

Top Design Screen Printing & Apparel was initially established to provide high quality local screen printing services. Below are some questions you may have about our screen printing services. 


We use standard screen printing techniques utilizing plastisol inks cured to allow for bright, vivid colors and a print that will last. Our pricing is subject to change at any time and is highly varied for each custom screen printing order. Before any item goes into production, we complete precise order forms and quotes. We do not have standard published pricing due to the high variance in products and options. Please contact us for quotes. 


In order to allow us to serve our customers with competitive pricing, we do have a minimum order of 15 pieces for screen printed items. We can print and process orders below the minimum but the order will be subject to an additional $15 set up fee with an additional $10 for each additional color. 


Production times vary but our standard is 10-14 business days from the time we receive a finalized order with deposit and approved artwork. Our turnaround times do not include shipping time. Special requests and special apparel may increase production times. We do our best to include the most accurate estimated turnaround time when we quote. 


Since screen printed items are custom and made as ordered, cancelled orders before production may be approved with a fee of 20% for restocking. After production has begun (meaning after final artwork approval and deposit has been received), orders may not be cancelled and payment is due in full on the balance of the order. 


We require 50% deposit for all orders before it can be moved into production. Before an order can ship, the balance is due in full. If local, both the deposit and balance at pick up can be cash in person. We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, money orders and checks. If a payment is returned, you will be assessed a $50 fee for any bank fees we incur. Replacement payment must be made in full within 48 hours and we will only accept money order, PayPal or cash for replacement payments. 


Top Design tries our best to accommodate each customer request. Our production times outlined above are standard and rush orders can be requested on a case by case basis. Rush order expectations depends on the order, availability of product, artwork approval, etc... Please contact us for both special requests and questions about rush orders. Please note that rush orders and special requests may have potential to incur additional fees that will be outlined separately on our quote. 


We work with quality vendors and suppliers to provide a great selection of apparel and items for screen printing. If you need help selecting product or apparel for your print, please let us know and we can help you find the item(s) to fit your needs including fabric, sizes, colors, styles, print size, etc...

Select View Catalog below to view just a few options direct from one of our suppliers. 

We are not responsible for manufacturing defects including mislabeled items, sizing deficiencies, etc. We will try to catch these before production and/or shipping and solve any order defects.

If apparel or product is customer supplied, please be aware that any misprinted items may cause a shortage of quantity to your order. If you need exact quantity and you are supplying the product, please allow additional production and shipping time to your expectations. 

Due to the nature of our custom items, we will notate a margin of error on your quote of 5% per print location. This 5% covers any misprinted items that are unacceptable and we will not ship and items that are only slightly misprinted and acceptable to ship. If your order must be exact, please give us this information up front so we can account for the time it may take to request additional product to be given to us to replace misprinted items. The more information we have upfront, the better we can serve our customers. 


We accept many forms of artwork and we prefer artwork already in vector format. If you do not have artwork ready for print, we can make your artwork/image print ready for an additional fee. Each order is custom and additional fees may vary. Contact us for details on acceptable print ready artwork. 

If you do not have artwork, we will be happy to assist in making your vision into something ready for print. Additional fees may apply so contact us for quotes. We love to accept new challenges. 

Unless you request, your artwork will be sized based on the ideal size of the chosen print location. Each set up will be sized the same for all sizes and types unless you request specific set up such as a smaller size image/artwork for youth/toddler sizes versus a man's size large. Additional print sizes will also be subject to additional fees.

Print locations may also cause distortion or variances in image if you want prints near seams, zippers or over either zippers or seams. After final artwork is approved, we will provide a mock up of the product showing the approved artwork, artwork size and print location. The final mock up must be approved before an order can be moved into production. This eliminates potential miscommunication with customer requests and avoids cancelled orders. 


Our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We want to build long lasting relationships with each customer and want our customers to return to us for all their printing needs in the future. If at any time you are unhappy with our service, finished products, shipping, packaging, etc. etc. etc., please contact us immediately so we can do our best to correct the issue and maintain your confidence in us. We look forward to so many years providing quality products and making the process fun and enjoyable for everyone.